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Jean Pierre has dedicated her professional life to the pursuit of excellence in health and well being. She accomplishes this through her specialized skin care products and spa services. She is the president and creator of the Obsidian Skin Care System and founder of the popular Jean Pierre Aesthetics & Spa Inc.

Jean Pierre’s spa specializes in medical aesthetics. for example, laser treatment, a popular method of permanent hair removal for unwanted body and facial hair. Other spa treatments offered are therapeutic facials, blue light therapy for acne, infra-red for anti-aging and hydrating, and softening and soothing body therapies. She has received many written testimonials and photos from men, women and youth who have benefited from her services and products. Many of her clients include teens whose grades have improved as their skin problems and self-esteem improved; as well as women who are no longer forced to contend with unwanted body and facial hair.

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