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Hardwork, Quality & Passion

A little about me. My name is Maleek and I am a self taught photographer. I’ve always had such a passion for photography, capturing the beauty of people, moments and memories; so much that I took the time to learn the art and mastered it. I hope to get to know more people and expand my network of friends, clients and colleagues throughout my time in this business. I feel like a lot of the fun in this business stems from the relationships made between a photographer and client during the shoot. It’s why I feel I do my job so well because I’m a friendly and open hearted individual, my clients feel that and it makes them comfortable to be themselves and thats when you truly get the best photos. The genuine smile, the laughter, the love, the excitement; I always strive to capture these moments in their most natural form. I believe photography is more then just taking photo’s, it’s about understanding who or what you’re shooting and bringing out it’s best qualities and that’s what I try to do in every photo that I take. I hope that I can be the one to capture and make permanent your next important memory.

I also work closely with a talented group of cinematographers and make-up artists to try and provide my customers with the greatest value and experience for weddings, model shoots and various other event types.

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